Open-Source Ideas

Bedouin is a design thinking agency that always starts with a problem. We achieve stakeholder market success by defining problems through our structured programs well before we get into build outcomes (whether a product or service).

Problems are our way of educating; by open-sourcing problems that we see to the mass public, without pre-defining what the outcomes are.


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Timesheet billing fraud


Customers of professional services can often be victims of billing fraud; the firm that the Client has worked with could be misleading their timesheets. How can this be prevented and audited to maximise the value a client is receiving?

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Uncontrollable personal spending


We all fall victim to our impulses. However, we can be smart about them if we identify it. How can we better control our urges to splurge on the unnecessary?


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Measuring employee ROI


We all adore those whom we work with, but how do we directly measure the impact of extending staff capabilities vs. the ROI that they create?

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Fear of public speaking


Personalities who are likely to lead are also likely to speak. However, the anxiety of public speaking can be crippling no matter how well you know your material. How can we combat the fear of public speaking without medication?