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Tools & ventures for the design community.

Our growth initiative revolves around our values: no BS. The cultural literacy of the modern consumer drives their instincts to do their homework. 

We believe there is only one way to grow at Bedouin.

By providing value. Over. And Over. And Over again. 


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Empathy Map

A free mapping tool to help you understand the mindset and actions of all stakeholders.


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Tent Timer

A simple timing tool on the web, to help you keep track of your what you're doing throughout the day.


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A free music app that combines Soundcloud and Spotify to enable competitive discovery and curation for tastemakers.


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Open-Source problems that we'd love for you to tackle on your own terms.


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Nomad Notes

A simple web application that lets you to take notes and categorize them by pages and status.



Be a part of Bedouin Labs?

We're looking to hire a small group of talented designers and full-stack
developers to help us expand on our lab projects and experiments.