Bedouin is a design thinking firm & UX lab.


Create with the world’s most creative companies.


Our clients, comprised of the world's most culturally literate companies, trust our methods of creating and the direction that we tend to take.

Together, we learn new things every day and create exceptional products that have a meaningful impact on stakeholders. Our team is sensible and considerate. We don’t lie to each other, gossip, play the political game, or treat each other outside of the golden rule. 

Our workplace is focused, productive, ego-free, and always unbiased. If you are curious about the intersection of design and technology, we encourage you to join us in working fulfilling days. 



Everything to bring out the best in you

Create impact on people

We realize that great talent demands the need to feel valuable. At Bedouin, you'll always work on products that make a difference to all stakeholders – companies, their founders, and users.

An amazing environment

We're in Downtown Kitchener at the heart of the Innovation District. This is the place to be. We're accessible, snacks are always in the office, and we have fantastic amenities that surround us.

The learning won't stop

You'll never get bored. There will always be room to improve, and you will learn more. We don't oppose those who care to learn about things outside of their positions. We actually encourage it.

Bring your own product

While we work on client projects, we want to enable our team of strategists, designers, developers, and account managers to come up with ideas that Bedouin can assist and bring to life.






UX Researcher

You respect principles. You are disciplined by the need to revolve products around user insights. You think only in terms of design and impactful decisions.

UX Designer

You're both an Interface Designer and a UX Researcher. You push pixels, but still hold the values of User Experience and its methods close to your heart. 

iOS Developer

You're in high demand, but you're tired of working for companies that produce mediocre ventures. Join Bedouin and build a variety of meaningful products.

Django Dev

You hate PHP and don't understand why other companies don't. You're abstract, but we get it. Let us help bring out the force in you.


Work on awesome projects with us.