Bedouin is a design thinking firm & UX lab.


Bedouin is a design company that drives innovation. 


Our UX lab takes a human-centered approach to implementing solutions, products, and services that create an impact.




Our Principles

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We are responsible for what we put out in the world. Design can improve what is already there. But only things of value will truly benefit from good design.

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History is a good predictor for the future. Archiving information is important. Work on things that can exist and function for many years to come.

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Everything should be as simple as possible. And not simpler.

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Feeling in control while you work is important. Productivity, openness and accessibility are key to feeling in control.

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Many things in this world can be improved. Mindlessly replacing every piece of paper with a screen is not the answer. Human experience should always be front and center. Sometimes the best UI is no UI.

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Beautifully Crafted

Great design is the result of thousands of micro-decisions. Through our experience, we handcraft every detail of your product to perfection.




We start with as little bias as possible, all to create one thing. The invisible. Since exceptional design cannot be seen, its impact resonates in the experience.

Think of the room you’re in right now. It’s supposed to be perfect. A reflection of the encompassing weather outside. Hot outdoors? Cool indoors. Not freezing. But just right. It’s invisible. And that’s the experience we create.


We look at things a little differently. We aren’t just building products. We’re helping build businesses through means of design.




Our Services

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Strategic Design

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Design Thinking

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UX Design

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iXd Design

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Interface Design

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UI Development 

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Back-end &
API Development


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