Advancing the human experience.

A digital company shaped by collaboration and agility. 

Collaboration, strategy,

and implementation.

We understand that the only way to bring out the vision you have in your mind, is to work closely with you. We identify your brand values and product objectives to collaborate in building your product together.

For this reason, we strategically ship products through an agile discipline. With this system of iterative cycles, products comes to life in phases. This minimizes the chance of error, and most importantly, it allows us to make the right decisions — and build products based on real user feedback. A mediocre product simply isn’t acceptable; we’re sure you agree.


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Our Specialties
  • Identity & Visual Communications
  • User experience
  • Interface design
  • Mobile applications
  • Web experiences
Target Audience
  • Startups
  • Government
  • Institutions & Non-Profits
  • Creative agencies
  • Corporations
Tech Stack
      • Sketch
      • Jira
      • HTML5 / CSS3
      • Bootstrap
      • PHP
      • Python
      • Django
      • iOS (Swift/Objective-C)
      • Android
      • Node.JS
Good people are willing
People who are open minded and ready to act enable success
Good people are able
People should demonstrate skill, diligence and aptitude for their required task
Good people communicate
People need to share progress and ideas for efficient development
Good people are essential
When striving to achieve success, everything is secondary to having the right team
Good process is innovative
Today’s advanced practices become tomorrow’s standards
Good process is lucid
Processes which are coherent and easy to understand allow for quick and simple adoption
Good process is agile
Processes which are scalable and adaptable suit the dynamism of real projects
Good process is as little process as possible
Concentrating on the critical path drives focus within a team and provides clarity
Good technology is accessible
Technology should allow easy retrieval of information within budget and capability, regardless of location
Good technology is intuitive
Using technology should be instinctive, allowing one to learn naturally
Good technology is interoperable
Technology should facilitate rather than hinder the sharing of information
Good technology is discreet
Technology should be unobtrusive within the methods of achieving one’s goal
Before Bedouin

You have an idea to translate your brand’s values into a campaign that lives online, on mobile, or elsewhere. You collaborate with us, and we’ll take your vision where it needs to go.

After Bedouin

Your project, or product, is developed into a gorgeous interface by Bedouin Waterloo that is both user-friendly and functionally beautiful.

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed

Campaign Strategy + Web Design



Visual Communications



API Integration



Brand Architecture



iOS Application

“If a company can’t sell itself,

what hope does it have of

being able to sell anything else?”

– David Ogilvy

Working with Bedouin is an extraordinary experience. Thanks to their deep knowledge of designs guidelines and their structured approach we were able to deliver exceptional apps in a short timeframe.

Georgia HarrisBrand Manager, P&G

Having grown companies in the startup environment, we spent so much time building the back end and missing the opportunity in building the most important part.. the user experience. Having met Bedouin, I see how amazing this team is and its ability to build incredible experiences for users around the world. I don't get blown away often, but seeing their work was one of them...

Josh HillisCEO, Pair Mobile

It's been a pleasure working with the Bedouin team. I had a good feeling about them from the start, but to be completely honest, they outperformed even my own expectations. Beautiful design. Attention to both frontend and backend detail. And consistent communication. We couldn't be any happier with the services they provided.

Paul JurczykCEO, Bandy

Top notch talent here... the perfect balance and understanding of design-centric development paired with rigorous methodology. Working with Bedouin, i've seen first hand the serious effort the team puts into every project and the raw appreciation for a systematic approach to problem solving. They're building something special here.. pairing Waterloo development resources with deep insight from prior success in the Valley...

Jason HillCOO, Symanta

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